Divorce Demography

There is a tremendous rise in the divorce rate among married couples. Most countries, especially the developed countries, are facing this problem of failed marriages or relationships. The reasons for the high divorce rates could be diverse, but it looks like high standard of living has made us humans lethargic to such an extent that people do not wish to comprise and sort out even the smaller issues faced by man. Gone are the days when marriages were considered to be a once in a lifetime event. This rise in the divorce rate has put various questions on the priorities of civilized human beings.

In spite of the fact that the marriages that are taking place are legal and the couples are well informed about the sanctity of marriage, be it religious beliefs or spiritual concerns, it has been observed that the values and ethics of the system of marriage and marital relationships has been decreasing over the years.

There are various reasons why marriages end up in a divorce. Some of the reasons include adultery or extra marital affairs or infidelity, certain kind of addictions, domestic violence, mid life crisis as well as workaholism.

It is quite surprising to note that the civilized countries of the world are at the top in the list of divorce rates. People in these countries are busy running after materialistic pleasures and neglecting the values and ethics associated with marriage. This is giving rise to difficult circumstances which the couples cannot face leading to divorce. Such countries are progressing as far as the economic conditions are concerned, however, the family tree is in a miserable state with the rising divorce rates.

Following is the list of top 10 countries with the highest rates of divorce every 1,000 population in 2012.


Russia ranks at the top when it comes to divorce rates in 2012 with the divorce rate being 5.30 per cent. The reasons for divorce in Russia is the lack of faith and loyalty among married couples. In Russia, women do not get the necessary amount of independence, and have to handle all the household responsibilities as well as expenses. As a result, women are always on the look to obtain freedom from the responsibilities and opt for divorce.


Aruba comes second after Russia for the highest divorce rates in the world. Here, women are given very less importance. In Aruba, people generally prefer getting married with the same sex persons. This is one of the major reasons for the high divorce rates in Aruba. In Aruba, the divorce rate is 5.27 per cent as per the 2012 statistics.


The divorce rate in the US is 4.19 per cent in 2012. US is a great economy and is progressing, but the family system is in a miserable state owing to ill-mannered and rude nature of the people here. Americans are believed to have high ego and are very selfish by nature because of which most of the marriages end up in a divorce.

South Korea and Lithuania

The divorce rate in South Korea and Lithuania is 3.05 per cent in 2012. South Korea and Lithuania had faced certain difficult economic conditions in 1997 and as a result of these economic clashes, there was a rise in hatred and selfishness among the people here, leading to high divorce rates.

Czech Republic

The divorce rate in Czech Republic is 3.11 in 2012.


The most common reason for the highest rate of divorces in Cuba is the numerous languages as well as traditions followed here. Cuba has secured 3.16 per cent divorce rate in 2012. Most of the married couples in Cuba are not ready to face troubles in marriage and listen to what the elderly have to say and so opt for divorce in case of any kind of disputes.


The divorce rate in Moldova is 3.50 per cent in 2012. Here, the women are independent and self-sufficient. However, besides work responsibilities, the women are forced to manage all the household tasks because of which it gets difficult for the women. Hence, women opt for divorce to get rid of some of the responsibilities.


The divorce rate in Belarus is 3.77 per cent in 2012.


The divorce rate in Ukraine stands has been recorded at 3.79 per cent in 2012 owing to a lot of misunderstandings between married couples.


In Panama, the divorce rate in 2012 is 3.80 per cent. The main reason for divorce here is cheating by either of the spouses.

As per the Divorce Fact Sheet 2012, Sweden is having the greatest percentage of divorce rates in 2012 with the divorce rate being 55%.

Both US as well as Australia come next in line with 46%, UK 43% and Canada 40%. Divorce gives rise to psychological as well as behavioral problems in children that in turn becomes a great societal pressure.