The Choice between Divorce and Co-dependent Relationship – How It Works?


Co-dependent relationships are highlighted with intimacy issues, breakdown in communication and imbalance. These dependents normally place low emphasis on their personal needs rather than occupying themselves with other people’s well-being. Co-dependency can exist in various relationships from family, romantic, work or community relationship.

Common symptoms include over controlling attitude, chronic anger, lack of trust, low self esteem, perpetual boredom, unstable inter-personal relationships, poor decision making, intimacy issues and compulsive attitudes like gambling and aggressive sexual acts.

The resulting effects of these so called rescue attempts might enable the needy party to linger onto a destructive course and be a risk to the benefactor on the long run. There is also the likelihood of feeling hurt when their efforts are not appreciated.

Controlling Co-dependency

It is imperative that co-dependants and their family members understand the principles behind the hazardous behaviors so as to know how to be of assistance. Atimes, mental health centres and drug /alcohol abuse treatment centers provide necessary materials and information to the public.One must learn to be self reliant and say no to bad suituations that might arise.Above all, family love and support has to be shown to the patient.

Divorce or Co-dependency

These are two extreme actions in the marriage institution. In divorce, there is a total separation perfectly between couples which is different from co-dependency, where a party still tries to meet the need of the other. The reasons for divorce or co-dependency varies significantly. Divorce is totally different from codependency as the former might lead to a running battle on issues like child custody, settlements and the rest.

In our contemporary world today, people are less likely to be co-dependent together if it seems like the relationship is heading for the rocks rather. Instead of that; getting separated would be on their minds and the sacred values of marriage seem to be put to waste. On the other hand, co-dependency can get so messy and abusive. Though, the couples might not be separated from partnership, they are not better off most of the time.

Children are dependent on their parents from time memoria but divorce tends to shatter the bonds built and leads to them been independent in nature. A child in custody of one of the parent does not mean the child can not decide to still be dependent on the other parent who he/she is not staying with at the moment. It is a question of who cares more about the general welfare of the child at that particular moment.

The closing arguments might make it extremely difficult to analyze which one is actually better for the child, is it to coexist together just to give their children that family sense of belonging even if there is no love lost between both parents? Is it to finalize the divorce process and go their separate ways but providing a healthy future for their children? It does not seem like a win- win situation in both aspects.

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