Effects of Divorce on Children and Their Future Choices 


It is no secret that divorce of parents can have a negative influence on the self-esteem of children and their perception of relationships, especially when the situation was not handled well. The divorce of parents is an extremely stressful period […]

Age Factor in Divorce


There is no doubt that predicting the potential duration of someone’s marriage is a challenging task as there are exceptions to every rule, but taking a closer look at the statistics can give us an insight into general trends and […]

How Divorce Rates Have Changed in the USA for the Last Decade


In the United States, the estimated divorce rate is put at 3.6 divorces for every 1000 couples annually. But for people aged 15 and above, the divorce rate is at 13 divorces to every 1000 people. In 2011, it was […]

City/Rural Life Choice and Corresponding Divorce Rates in the U.S.


On a national scale, marriage and divorce trends pretty much reflect a society’s well-being and quality of life from different standpoints. Differences between city and rural life have stirred scientists’ and analysts’ minds for decades. Observations made over the past […]

Factors Associated with Higher Rate for Divorce


Divorce is definitely not a process anyone would actually want to pass through willingly but some factors could lead to it eventually. According to divorce magazine, almost half of all marriages in the United State lead to divorce, but there […]