The Choice between Divorce and Co-dependent Relationship – How It Works?


Co-dependent relationships are highlighted with intimacy issues, breakdown in communication and imbalance. These dependents normally place low emphasis on their personal needs rather than occupying themselves with other people’s well-being. Co-dependency can exist in various relationships from family, romantic, work […]

Gender Factor and Divorce


Studies that have continued throughout the post-war decades show that women are more likely to file for divorce than men. In the United States, 70% of marriages are terminated by women, and the remaining 30% – by men. However, this […]

How Much Marriage Counseling Helps to Prevent Divorce?


Can marriage counseling help two people rescue their relationship? How much does it depend on the therapist? These are pretty moot questions. Yes they are, because there are men and women, and we are so different that no book or […]

Religion and Divorce


It is a well-known fact that most religions tend to be strict on relationships between men and women. Traditionally, religious postulates a sort of regulate sex and frown upon cohabitation and other forms of extramarital activities as ‘living in sin’. […]

Finances and Their Effects on Divorce Rates


Money is essential to our survival, but arguing about finances is definitely no something that will bring stability to the marriage. The stress caused by the lack of income or its unreasonable distribution by the individuals in a couple can […]